Nature never fails to inspire me. I am drawn to the timeless qualities of the untouched landscape, the elements of nature which we can all relate to, sunrise, snow scenes, forests. Each painting is like a page in the diary of a painter`s life. And the viewer finishes the story when we can feel it, enjoy it, and relate to it.
I feel I have accomplished something when my paintings tell if it’s a cold day, or scorching sun, when the viewer can feel the weather, the mood. “In a landscape, you are painting the sky and the earth, and only later come the many other things between these two.” – one of my early mentors told me. The mood, that emotional significance in the interactions of light, color, and air that I`m searching for, that, I can only capture when painting outside.


Repin Academy of Fine Arts, Saint Petersburg, Russia; Dresden Academy of Fine Arts, Germany.

Awards & Honors:
2010, 2013 – Certificate of Commendation, Russian Academy of Art, Moscow; 2010, 2011 – “Best of Show” and “Award of Excellence”, Plein Air Rockies, CO; 2010 “Best of Show”, Wyoming Plein Air Competition; 2010 “Best of Show”, Frank-Bette-Paintout, Alameda, CA; 2013 “SouthwestArt Award”, Colorado Plein Air Festival; 2013 Judge of Awards, Plein Air Rockies, CO; 2012-2016 Lecturer at the PleinAirConvention; 2018 Judge of Awards at the 8th International PleinAirSalon.

Selected Exhibitions
Solo: 2012, 2014, 2017 LEO.COPPI, Berlin; 2017 Russian Academy of Arts, Saint Petersburg, Russia; 2015 (2-person), 2017, 2020, 2022 Gallery 1261, Denver, CO; 2018, 2020, 2022/23 Gallery SANDAU&LEO, Berlin.
Group Exhibitions: 2013 Museum for Modern Art (at the Russian Academy of Arts), Moscow; Saint Petersburg, Russia; Munich, Berlin, Germany, Manitou Galleries, Santa Fe, NM; 2012-2022 Coors Western Art Exhibit, Denver, CO; 2021 Parker Arts Center, CO; 2022 University of Central Missouri. Gallery of Art and Design; 2022 Guthmann Foundation, Spandau, Berlin
Art fairs: ArtKARLSRUHE; Art.Fair Cologne; POSITIONS, Berlin.

Plein Air Magazine; Southwest Art Magazine; Streamline Art Video (DVD); Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine; American Art Collector Magazine; Press of the Russian Academy of Arts; Monacelli Studio Press, Guthmann Foundation, Berlin.

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