Working with oil paints and palette knife in the studio, I explore the personal connection to the sea and nature and how it makes me feel. 

My paintings are oil on canvas or heavy paper,  expressing and exploring the energy and beauty of the ocean and nature, layering colours, textures and emotions in a semi abstract style. Each colour is affected and determined by the one before it. Each different colour or current building up to a harmonious whole.

Growing up in Tipperary, so far from the sea, made the ocean truly irresistible. I am fascinated with the energy and power of the ocean and the deep connection to it. I love sailing and water sports, being inspired by underwater and above water.

I have loved painting from a young age. After a year in art college in Galway, and a degree in Fashion and textile design, 2:1, I worked in clothing design for many years. Since 2016 I have focused on painting. 

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