The story so far…

Hi, my name is Jane Meyler and I want to share a little with you. 

Since 2008 there has been a little art gallery in Rosslare Village. 

During the summer of 2009, nearly 12 years ago now, I took part for my first time in Art in the Open.  Leaving it with a feeling of complete joy and thrilled to pieces that I sold one of the two paintings I completed during what was then a weekend festival.  That feeling of delighted that overwhelmed me and perhaps gave me the courage to show my 2nd piece to the then proprietor of the Rosslare Gallery, the late Denis Collins.   Denis encouraged me and over the next decade continued to exhibit my work along side that of my peers during those summer seasons.   

After Denis sadly passed away early in 2019, the gallery lay vacant for that summer season.  Denis and the gallery were hugely missed by all his seasonal customers and to no end still by his artist friends.  Early in the new year, I made the decision to open the gallery, not just for my own work, but also for my artist friends, local, nationally and Internationally.  With the onslaught of Covid 19 and the country in its first lockdown, I took this time to beaver away getting the gallery the way I wanted it, putting my personality into it.  In June, when restrictions were eased, I opened my door.  It has been an amazing journey so far!  Definitely a few tales to be told!  The joy of telling the artists when a painting of theirs sold, watching and hearing the reaction of customers to the artwork and the excitement of the regulars who drop by to see ‘what’s new in this week?’, also meeting and chatting with so many lovely folk, sharing similar tales of familiar childhood memories, has no doubt made this difficult year a blessing for me. 

The summer of ’89 was the only one that I missed spending in Rosslare.  With a Wexford name like Meyler, parents who cherished their Wexford roots, the love of Rosslare was inherent in me and my siblings.  For nearly 50 years our little family home, perched up on the Cliff Road holds precious memories for us.  From there, the sea, high skies and early morning sunrises are a never ending supply of inspiration for my paintings.  This natural beauty, my love of Rosslare and my love of painting, all combined, and now enhanced by the opportunity to share this passion with so many in the gallery is a dream!

I hope you enjoy this little art gallery by the sea as much as I do! Welcome to the Rosslare Gallery.